Music / Choir

I am very excited of my upcoming tenth year anniversary at 

St. Michael the Archangel school.

I am Cuban born, American raised since 1961.  I consider English 

my first language but I am fluent in Spanish too.

I am the product of Catholic Education, for twelve years.

I grew up in many parts of New Jersey, and studied Music Education at Rutgers University, the State College.

I am married to Eduardo, celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this year. We are both members of Emmaus retreats and Eucharistic ministers.  We have 2 adult children, Laura and Daniel.

I ‘ve worked in the Archdiocese of Miami since 1983, where I began at St. Brendan Elementary for 27 and 10 years at St. Michaels. 

It gives me great pleasure and joy to praise the Lord in song!

Music Program at St. Michael the Archangel

We follow the Archdiocesan Curriculum benchmarks.

Our program will strive to emphasize an appreciation for classical, popular and liturgical music.  

Students will study: Music theory, history/composers and play classroom instruments. 

Most important, students are encouraged to raise our voices and praise 

Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Ash Wednesday 2019