2018-2019 Registration and Tuition


Finance Commitment and Billing Procedures

 The enrollment of your child(ren) in St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School constitutes a financial obligation to pay all Fees Charged during the School Year.


The Fees for 2018-2019  School year are: Registration and Tuition . See attached Tuition Schedules. 

Meeting with the Principal and School Registrar: 

 A meeting with the Principal and School Registrar is mandatory.  At this meeting you will have an opportunity to review your financial obligations, your expected scholarships, if any, and set up a payment plan. Your payment Plan for Tuition could be set up for a maximum of 10 months. 


 Payment Plan:

 A Payment Plan is a contractual agreement between the Family and the school, to make scheduled payments. If a payment is late, a $10 late fee will be charged to the Family account. If payments are late more than 60 days, student(s) will not be allowed in class until the account is current.


Financial Assistance Information